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In the beginning, there was the Word

It’s 1996, Romania. Only seven years since the Romanian Revolution. And less than ten years after Andy Warhol created the first piece of digital art at Lincoln Center, New York. It’s the what-on-earth-even-is-this-digital-art-period. 

Cristina and Marcel Neamtu, two 20-something passionate and visionary Romanians, set out on a mission. To gather talented artists together who could eat digital art and craft for breakfast. And to create a safe space. For digital art and game development exploration. For a genuine community to grow.

And the word became a World 

It’s now been more than twenty years since AMC took form. And gathered a solid global track record of collaborations with major names in the game industry. 

AMC is a space for courage, learning, conversations, connection. In which integrity, passion, perspective and possibilities are the primary currency. It is a space for contribution. Genuine contribution to the big World. Through contribution to every small world we shape. To the game industry and community.

We’re determined to grow better rather than bigger. To relentlessly challenge our artistic standards and our content solutions. To grow exceptional talent. To continue to shape our vision and explore new horizons. 

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