AMC Ro Studio, a “Made in Romania” company, awarded by The Bucharest Stock Exchange

Starting with 2017, The Bucharest Stock Exchange organizes “Made in Romania”, a training program for the most promising Romanian businesses that also have a strong social impact.

Their goal is to promote and also assist the entrepreneurs throughout a full year in bringing their businesses to the next level.

This year, we’ve been selected as finalists by a jury of top market experts.

The trophy next to a 3D print of Dandelion, a Character we’ve shaped for The Witcher 3

AMC Ro Studio and other 14 companies will benefit from a mentoring program with workshops, networking and business development opportunities to stimulate their growth and development.

Cristina Alina Neamtu, AMC CEO and Co-founder, received the award in the name of us all:

“We want to contribute to shaping the next generation of inspirational digital artists in Romania.” Cristina Alina Neamțu

We’re very grateful for receiving this recognition and for being in the company of other entrepreneurs we respect, promoters of strong business ethics and lucid dreamers like:

Dan Isai, CEO of SaladBox, heroes on the healthy food market, hailing from Cluj and now developed on three continents.

Raoul Popa of Typing DNA. Cybersecurity, from Oradea to the world, providing typing biometrics authentication as a service, enabling companies recognize people by the way they type. Main applicability is in passive fraud prevention and 2FA.

Ruben Perju of Noah Watch, the only Romanian watches manufacturers, made of wood.

Monica Cadogan, co-founder Vivre Deco, leading online retailer for Home and Lifestyle in Central and Eastern Europe.

Daniel Muntean of Rodbun Grup whose mission is “Prosperity and deference to the Romanian farmer!”

Congratulations to all Romanian business thinkers and risk-takers for strenghtening the private sector, shaping a healthy work environment and designing products and services for the greater good of humanity!