Best times of 2019 in AMC

Hello there! Since you’re here, AMC’s daily schemes might interest you. Here’s a 5 minutes reading on how a year round feels like in a medium size 3D graphics studio from the Balkans, Europe.

I’m Georgiana and my job here is basically to piss off my colleagues. 
To bug ‘em, twist & turn ‘em, make them bake pretzels at the office, sing loud and proud for hours, interrogate them on harsh topics such as…purpose and on the sleaziest of it all, their feelings about what’s going on with us. What are we doing here, who are we, why, y’all know, the big questions. 

For sure the most challenging ‘task’ for me is to sting their artists souls even when they don’t feel the poetry kicking so hard. This endeavour is my fav jam, it starts hard and it ends glorious. The following 2019 synopsis is about these kind of moments, challenges we’ve all been through together that made us our best selves as part of the great AMC team. 
And some silly awards too. 👑 And a bit of roast. 🤡

Last year officially started with me coming here on January 7th 2019.
A bit before, in fact, when my first task as a copywriter was to make the poster for an art challenge. Now meet me as the Community Builder in AMC, here to change the world for the better along with my team. We literally shape worlds.

And that’s how Andreea Zamfir has found us, by winning the Enviro section of our contest, thus an internship that ended up with a full time job in the Environment department.

Andreea takes home the Luke Skywalker of the Year award.
Note to self: Funny gift to be soon purchased. Such as a new cat. Maybe a British Shorthair, something fancy, easy to take care of.

As for more superb acquisitions in the team this year, the “youth wing” was strengthened by Valeriu Carmaliga and Marius Petre, both of them Environment Artists. 
Valeriu, young thug as appearance, but soft as a Japanese mochi on the inside, has proved himself very generous and kind with spreading out his knowledge to even younger 3D art twinkling stars.

Valeriu and his partner in crime, Alex, being business as usual

He’s part of the AMC educational team and already a legend for succeeding to teach in only 10 days two interns with zero 3D skills to make these babies:

Let’s call him the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the Year, from model to Governor of Cali in one breath. You’re a natural, baby boy. Preach!

When you know you have just enough education and street wisdom to perform, then life gets truly exciting. Some of our lead artists are now members of our Nice Corps for Education, Dragoș Dexx Casian, Rareș Ioan Tujan and Andrei Bradu. They are coaches at the Bucharest – National University of Art (UNARTE) –  Department of Graphics and Cinetic (the Research Centre of the National University of Theatre and Film) – undergraduate and postgraduate program in Game Design. 

Rareș at Cinetic

More on the educational program in AMC, right here.

When spring comes, it’s GDC time of the year so Andrei Dănescu, our Tech Artist, went out for a visit to San Francisco. He came back with news and opinions on the state of the game industry as revealed at GDC, the world’s biggest industry event. Those were the times when Google Stadia was first officially announced as to “change gaming as we know it”, but in the end “nailed the impossible, and then failed the possible” (Alex Hern, The Guardian). Time told the truth.

Andrei Dănescu as himself

Andrei also had a grand moment back at home this Christmas.
(Note: there won’t be time accuracy nor order in this article, imagine you’re like in a Harmony Korine movie, frames after frames, just flowing).
He baked pretzels like crazy, man, it was glorious! Pretzel after pretzel until that oven almost exploded. Serious hardcore do try this at home stuff. Extreme. And so the prize King Pretzel Master of the Year goes to Andrei Dănescu for extraordinary achievements, pretzels for all AMC.

Andrei Dănescu as The King Pretzel Master of the Year

The prize for Special Guest Appeareance behind the Bush goes to Alex Chinschi for living this moment of finding peace with himself. Bro, we feel you.

The award for Absolute King for a Day, nOOb for a Lifetime, goes to the far most loved person on screen this year at AMC Romania TV, Rareș Ioan Tujan and his heartbreaking prize acceptance speech when quoting his supreme Master, Mr. Dan Cocină, that steals the show for Rareș and gets the standing ovations for being, of course, his Master.

Another person that makes gentle conversation with the camera is our Lead Environment Artist, Dragoș Dexx, with his sensei appeareance at DigiTV straight from the exhibition AMC had in May 2019.

Have I said LEAD Artist of the Year? Yes I did, ’cause this one goes again for Dexx and his gentle manners in motivating and leading his team straight to the point.

Here’s him again making a link between two very meaningful events this year. The next one is DevPlay 2019! Take your seats!

Andrei Bradu is my partner in crime, i shall award him like this for his constant and extraordinary efforts for community art projects of AMC, hailing as Lead Character Artist and basically having so many cool accounts that I MUST be super best friends with him. Though he’s very boring. He draws and models and 3D prints all day and collects weird stuff and he’s simply weird. Everybody loves him.
He exposed to the public some of his extraodinary “best selling” characters in a very stylish manner, first at Romanian Design Week 2019 and then to November’s RADAR– Romanian Artists Developing Alternative Realities, in VR.
Mr. Bradu takes home The Fairy of the Year award.

Bradu and General Caranthir from The Witcher, a character he modeled, at RADAR, chillin

Cristina Alina Neamțu, our CEO, takes the Ai, N-ai Mingea, Tragi la Poartă (eng: “Ball in hand, you run for the field goal, No ball in hand, you run harder”) award for taking us in the 3D Modelling World Cup finals. Thanks, Chief! For putting together such an A-team! Peace!

This Christmas, a very special encounter on AMC’s stage was of Marius Petre, Vanessa Romașcanu, Ovidiu Bejan and Cristina Alina Neamțu. The prize for AMC Big Band of the Year goes to them:

Alina takes again the credit for finding Corina Puiu, our new Managing Director, who sparks vitality and order in all she troubles in.
I think we kinda like her, even though she’s a manager and we are anarchists and listen to Bad Religion and naaah, we already love her.

Corina lecturing us about wine. While getting us drunk. Total scheme!

I’ll end now being certain that not even our moms have succeded to get to this line in this very subjective exposé of the awesomest team of FREAKS! Love you all!

Dan Cocină, Mr Head of Art, might appear in this picture
Photo with Peleș castle and Mr Dan Cocină on the right
And here’s us again in teambuilding at Măgura, one second before falling like dominoes
And here’s more of Dan Cocină being awesome, heart of his team.