AMC Studio for RADAR: “Călător”, from sculpture to game art and AR

If digital art is what you’re into, find us at RADAR 2021 | FLUX, the temporary New Media Art Museum, June 10th-13th, at Romaero, Bucharest.

Following our experiment last year with modelling contemporary art in our Art Hunt Challenge, we continue our study about exploring the digital space with “Călător: art in flux”, our submission for RADAR. 

Now, we made a cutting-edge sculpture from the 80’s walk for the first time, with a little help from a new friend: tech, digital game art and AR.
“Călător”, from sculpture to game art and AR, is a multidisciplinary project between our studio, the AR devs from Augmented Space Agency and Darie Dup, sculptor.

#prietenimaginar gets you to RADAR!

Since you’re here, you might already be interested in going to RADAR. 
We can get you a full pass and also a nice & honorable way of participating in the festival. Let’s play a game!
We made a 3D model of a sculpture found in the National Museum of Contemporary Art and now it’s free to play. 

Rules of the game:

  1. Download the Augmented Space Agency app on Google Play/AppStore (free)
  2. Explore the world in AR along with your new imaginary friend. Remember to have fun, be creative!
  3. Make a video using the app, post it on your Instagram profile with #prietenimaginar to make it easy for us to find it.

10 video creators with the most likes receive a free ticket to see their video in the festival, and of course, a full pass for the weekend. Game over on the 8th of June. We’ll be displaying all submitted videos at the festival. 

A screen at our exhibition is dedicated to all your #prietenimaginar videos!

Game on!

The Team

  • AMC Studio: 3D artist Marius Petre
  • Web Gallery Devs: Dragoș Casian, Andrei Dănescu
  • Coordinator: Georgiana Toea
  • Sculptor: Darie Dup
  • App AR: Augmented Space Agency
  • Animation: Filip Rădulescu
  • Rigging: Ciprian Dumitru