Remembering Romanian Design Week ’19 #seeyouinseptember

Starting eight years ago, May in Bucharest means Romanian Design Week, the most important national multidisciplinary event. RDW is a radiography of local creative industries, architecture, fashion, graphic design, product design and everything-design-in-between is here.

For this occasion, we were about to make a huge event in partnership with the National Museum of Contemporary Art, but it’s postponed for a while. #seeyouinseptember

Until we meet again, we invite you on a virtual journey at last year’s exhibition we had at RDW, titled “We Shape Worlds“. 
RDW offered us a stage to talk about our craft, digital art for games, to folks interested in the creative industries.

Dragoș Casian, Lead Enviro Artist & AMC Edu coach, introduces the audience to 3D modeling.
Andrei Bejan (crossed hands), young Character artist, works with us now.

We reached the big audience also for spreading the word that lots of the AAA titles they play is supported from Romania, from concept art to modeling. The industry flourishes, young artists are welcome.

Youngster meets Terminator shaped by AMC Lead Artist Andrei Bradu (picture below)

We made real objects of our digital assets, popular Characters and Environments in AAA games such as The Witcher, World of Tanks or Terminator Salvation
Almost everyone that entered our tiny exhibition was able to name at least one game they loved playing. 

Meeting General Caranthir in anaglypth.

We’ve made new friends sharing the same passion for video gaming, all that’s design, toys, tech, 3D – print or fantasy.

It was an extraordinary experience meeting and learning from other world shapers, but most of all, receiving the confirmation that our daily struggle with our own limits – making videogames look awesome – is truly appreciated by its beneficiaries.
Cheers to our colleagues that stepped out their digital playground and created analog crafted objects for the exhibition: Mădălina Pomparău, Andrei Bradu, Dragoş George Marinescu, Dan Cocină, Alexandru Almășan, Andrei Dănescu.
See you again in September!