Video Games Art at the 1st edition of RADAR – Romanian Artists Developing Alternative Realities

Andrei Bradu, our Lead Character Artist and Marius Petre, junior Environment Artist, were both part in the line-up of RADAR – Romanian Artists Developing Alternative Realities, the first edition of this festival that scans the new media art scene in Romania. 

By the powers of art & tech combined, the former Filaret Electrical Plant, an historical monument in Bucharest, was transformed, for three nights, in an immersive playground with artworks as toys, leisure and learning tools for everyone. 

courtesy of RADAR Bucharest

More than 50 artists, new media studios, research and educational institutions displayed their collaborative efforts promoting artistic expression through cutting-edge technologies and interactive narratives: virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, video mapping, interactive installations, video games art, sound design, education & playground. 

The Video Games Art section, beautifully curated by Mihai Zorca (Ubisoft Romania) hosted live Zbrush and live drawing sessions, two exhibitions, Character and Environment Art. 

The most awesome surprise to us was to see General Caranthir in what we think to believe his natural posture and heights, in VR, impetuous. 

This one time encounter made our Lead Artist, Andrei Bradu, the original General’s shaper, quite emotional, but somehow succeeded this brave pose for the picture.

After seeing Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, our junior artist Marius Petre engaged to sculpt one of his iconic gestures.

While having a beer, and conversations with the audience. A chair next to his was available for everyone that had curiosities about how sculpting in Zbrush is like. 

Leaving your desk chair, meeting other peers, using digital art to raise emotions to people, feel good when you’re an artist.

La Grande Finale:

We welcome this festival and see you all next year!

The complete list of Artists:

Character Art:

Andrei Bradu – AMC

Cătălin Bercea – Ubisoft

Mihai-George Pană – Ubisoft

Cristian Buliarcă – Freelancer

Claudiu Tănasie – Freelancer

Live Demos:

Cătălin Bercea – Ubisoft

Marius Petre – AMC

Bogdan Ionete – Ubisoft

Cristian “Sickbrush” Chihaia – Ubisoft

Claudiu Tănasie – Freelancer

Live Drawing (Ubisoft):

Cristiana Voinea

Bogdan “Butz” Bratu

Cristian “Sickbrush” Chihaia

Florin Voicu

Cosmin Genete

Alexandra-Gabriela Ujeuca