Masterclass: How to Build a Career in CGI (Animation & Gaming)

➡️ What do I need to make it in the animation and gamedev industry?

➡️ How can I build up my portfolio to set myself apart in the virtual world?

➡️ What kind of skills should I acquire to be a professional?

➡️ How to choose my next workplace based on organisational culture and values?

Join us on September 26 at CINETic in Bucharest to find the
answers to these questions! The speakers, Anthony Christov, Art Director of
Wall-E and Finding Nemo, co-founder of ARC Academy (Sofia) and IDEA Academy (Rome), and Kaloyan Kalamov, junior Character Artist at AMC Ro Studio will answer these and any other questions you may have!

The event is free, but the seats are limited so please book your place early by clicking here to register.