Dev.Play | 2019

We fondly remember this year’s edition as some of the best two autumn days for AMC.

Our Senior Environment Artist Rares Ioan Tujan braved his nerves and went on stage to reveal some 3D tips & tricks. It made us better acknowledge our contribution as 3D Artists to the arts & entertainment world. You can watch his full presentation here:

Co-founder and Studio Head, Cristina Neamtu, went up on stage too, joining the Women in Games Romania panel: Build the World You Want to Work In.

They shared a bright view on the game dev world as an ever-provoking creative work environment. And as a great bonus, we met some awesome gamedev ladies too.

And we joined forces with Aural Eye to make an interactive installation that captured your movements and put you in the shoes of a character in AMC’s portfolio.

See more here: