Hidden Chronicles

Client: Zynga

Year: 2011

Platforms: Windows, Browser

Category: Hidden Objects

Project management tool: Microsoft Project

The Brief

Develop 3D rendered locations for all scenes, and create a coherent universe for each location. Populate all scenes with various themed credible objects. Compositionally, chromatically and stylistically integrated.

The Solution

We started with extensive documentation on specific themes and continued with intensive exploration of the use of light and shadow for illustration, we finished by creating rendered versions of every 3D scene.

The Epilogue

Zynga’s first hidden object game, and ours too. It was an adventurous journey into how to express believable stylized 2D environments. It ended not only with the delivery of consistent and integrated art illustrations, but with the development of a pipeline for this particular type of game that continues to be used in our studio today.