Character Artist

Added on 10 March, 2020

You are a bright and positive, high-energy individual, with genuine passion for digital art & video games. Integrity, honesty and generally solid work ethics are not negotiable. And you are simply… nice! You have somewhere a badge that reads “Collaboration is king”, and that’s because you really believe in the power of teamwork.

Your responsibilities

Sculpt/model high poly models, low poly models, UVs, bake maps, create high quality textures

Match the required art style of a project

Cooperate with other artists to streamline the art creation process

Work with team lead to create a plan and schedule

Tangibles you have in your garden (experience, skills & competences required):

3+ years in Digital Art industry with proven track record.

Ideally degree in Arts. 

Strong knowledge on artistic anatomy

Understanding of cutting edge technologies and tools

In depth knowledge of production process for digital assets in Video Games Industry

Strong sculpting, modeling and texturing skills

Extensive experience with texturing

Strong knowledge of 3dsMax or Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop and Substance painter

Strong portfolio showing 3D art skills

Attention to both big picture and detailsGood understanding of color, shape, scale, silhouette, proportion

Proven ability to independently obtain excellent results. 

Proven ability to work under pressure without compromising the quality and the deadline.

Capability of understanding and maintaining the style direction required by the project. 

Ability to communicate fluently in English, both verbally and in writing

And less tangibles that you cultivate, feed & prune:

Ability to stay composed & collected, react and cope well, especially under pressure and in difficult situations 

You work with little direction but know when to ask for help and keep those required informed 

You are a robust personal communicator

Ability to give constructive feedback, and comfortable with receiving it 

Ability to motivate and inspire your colleagues 

Ability to explore, experiment and push past the conventional bounds to find creative ways to solve tasks

Communicate fluently & efficiently with other departments, and clients if required

You are proactive on your tasks and in the organization

To get through the first phase of selection, please send us an email with your CV, portfolio link, and most importantly your reasons for wanting to join us.

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