3D Character Artist

Added on 8 March, 2021

You are a bright and positive, high-energy individual, with a genuine passion for digital art & video games. Integrity, honesty and generally solid work ethics are not negotiable. “Mediocrity is not my cup of tea” is your mantra. And you simply are nice!

Role responsibilities:

Create new assets for the greatest game projects in the world.

Match the required art style of a project.

Produce work with minimal supervision, in an efficient and timely manner, and keep to the production schedule.

Cooperate with other artists to streamline the art creation process.

Contribute to the creative process with original ideas.

Skills & Experience:

3+ years of professional experience as a 3D artist or in a related job.

Ideally a degree in Arts.

Strong knowledge of artistic anatomy.

Sculpting, modelling and texturing skills.

Strong communication and English speaking skills.

Candidates must be able to work in a focused team of artists, in variable life cycle projects.

What’s in it for YOU:

A team that thoroughly values our values.

A portfolio of great projects in which you will be involved based on your skill set and desire for professional development.

A nice work space in the centre of Bucharest, with a flexible schedule (remote or at the office).

An attractive salary package with private medical services and meal tickets, plus pension options.

A performance management process which encourages autonomy, high performance and growth.

Personal Training budget for your own development plan.

The opportunity to take part in shaping new generations of 3D artists through educational & community programs.

Please apply below with your CV, portfolio work, and most importantly your reasons for wanting to join us.

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