Head of Lab

Added on 1 July, 2020

Your vision is to achieve stellar quality  & progress in digital art for games.
Your mantra is “screw the status-quo”. Your team’s tech solutions become a robust influential factor at the industry level. You’ll pioneer tools – both internally, and externally- and keep the workflows in line with the cutting edge technologies. You have somewhere a badge that reads “ Collaboration is king”, and that’s because you believe in the power of teamwork.

AMC Lab is an area within AMC Art Division with the main objective of increasing the team productivity through optimizing the production pipelines. It is an agile and flexible entity, continuously searching for innovation. It creates internally proposed tools and turns them into products, but also works in close cooperation with external developers in order to produce new tools. 

Your responsibilities:

Project related

  • Provide analysis and reports on project technical requirements (software and skill-wise) 
  • In charge of benchmark implementation – technical approach
  • Understand client pipeline and set up the workflow for the artists
  • Anticipate technical bottlenecks and fix them before they become an issue
  • Create clear documentation when the situation calls for it
  • Work together with the other teams inside the project to identify or develop the technical features needed to express the creative vision

Core business support

  • ​Stay up-to-date with the latest technology and ways of working in the field
  • Filter, synthesize and document the above information & set up the framework for implementing it across AMC
  • ​Adapt 3rd party solutions or create new ones (scripts/tools) to meet AMC requirements
  • Work in close connection with the Art Team (Team leads, Head of Art, Production specialist etc)
  • Establish the technical art constraints of the project


  • Acquire insight into bleeding or cutting edge tech (SIGGRAPH/Research Papers/etc.) and anticipate their need and adoption probability in the industry
  • Provide reports on technical requirements/trends in the industry
  • In charge of pitching ideas for new tools, along with all the required information (estimate, resources, benefits, monetization possibility, etc)
  • In charge of the Business Plan (better Design Document) for successful pitches
  • Oversee development process and ensures budget stability (time, resources).


  • Develop and implement the Innovation Strategy
  • Develop Technical Standards in AMC
  • Contribute to the development of a set of skills for the Art team
  • Manage the focus and development of the Technical-Art team

Sounds like fun? Ok, here’s the perfect build for your class 🙂

Experience, skills & competences:

  • Formal technical training / studies 
  • Experience as a Lead Engineer / Tech Director 
  • Very good technical knowledge with Maya, able to adapt to 3DS Max and Blender
  • Very good knowledge across all pipeline related software currently in use in AMC, with emphasis on how they can be customized (Zbrush, Rizom, Photoshop, Marmoset, Substance Toolset, Marvelous Designer)
  • Good programming skills in Mel and most of the following C++, C#, MaxSCRIPT, Javascript, Python
  • Proven experience with Unreal Engine (preferred) or Unity
  • Ability to achieve fast functioning technical knowledge in a previously unknown field
  • Efficiently synthesize information and clearly communicate intentions
  • Native curiosity, desire to understand how things work
  • Deadline conscious and resource aware
  • Effective leadership and team management skills
  • Strong personality, able to demand and delegate resources when they are needed
  • Almost native English skills (verbal and written).
  • Motivated to go the extra mile and not be content with the Minimum Viable Product

How does success look like for your role?

  • Build a team capable to self-finance
  • 100% adoption rate of new software and methods by AMC artists
  • Workflow and QoL improvement reported across the team
  • Successful pitches translated into functioning tools that can be monetized
  • Positive feedback from clients regarding added value from AMC to their projects

Not rage quitting by this point means you’re already in the leaderboards and have the required mindset. If you think you have the right tools for the job, send us a motivation letter and CV to shapeyourfuture@amc.ro by 30 July and we’ll get back to you.

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