Lead Environment Artist

Added on 24 August, 2020

You are an experienced Environment Artist looking to build amazing new worlds by leading a team, you go for integrity and honesty, collaboration and solid work ethics, you are happy to see others growing as a result of your support, you like challenges and engage other to welcome them, then you may be just what we are looking for: a Lead Environment Artist who would mentor and inspire our Environment team to drive the creative beyond what’s gone before.

As you would be not only a creator of new worlds but also an inspiration for others, here are a few, not exclusive skills and competences which we think would make you a great Lead. But bear in mind that we would still want to get together if you choose to show us your own way of how to be an outstanding Lead Artist.

Till then it would be great if you:

  • understand the cutting edge technology and tools and have an in-depth knowledge of production process for digital assets in video games industry;
  • master the mechanics behind the digital art creation and a strong ability to rationalize your artistic view in order to translate information into recommendations and persuasion;
  • would turn you into the star of the team;
  • have the ability to communicate information & ideas aloud or in writing so that others can easily understand them;
  • are able to independently obtain outstanding results;
  • can work under pressure without compromising the quality and the deadline and last but not least;
  • communicate fluently in English both verbally and in writing;

And other abilities you may have and wish to further develop, also of great value would be

  • to always stay composed & collected, react and cope well, especially under pressure and in difficult situations;
  • give constructive feedback and be comfortable with receiving;
  • to influence, motivate and inspire your team, to coach & mentor them;
  • to explore, experiment and push past the conventional bounds to find creative ways to solve tasks.

    To get through the first phase of selection, please send us an email with your CV to shapeyourfuture@amc.ro along with your portfolio link, and most importantly your reasons for wanting to join us. The deadline for submitting the applications is 15 September 2020

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