Client: 2K Czech, Hangar 13

Game: Mafia III, Mafia Definitive Edition

Year: 2015, 2020

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, PS4, Xbox One

Category: Single Player, Action-Adventure

Project management tool: Microsoft Project, Trello

The Brief

Create environments, characters and vehicles in the spirit of the late ’60s for Mafia III and ’30s clothes for Mafia Definitive Edition.

The Solution

Mafia III

This required a more complex remote way of working, and securing specific artistic elements. So we sent one of our Lead Artists to work from the client’s office, as an integrated part of the client’s team. 

We immersed ourselves into the spirit and atmosphere of the late ’60s through solid documentation and a massive base of historic research. Regular asset references didn’t satisfy us to deliver our artistic excellence. 

The technical part was secured once we assigned one Tech Artist to troubleshoot and deal with all tool updates. It was necessary for all team members to have the latest working editor and tools in order to deliver the required standards. 

The Epilogue

When you work as an extension of the client’s team and have a good tech challenge as you use your client’s tools…that’s how you learn first hand that meaning of ‘family’.

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