Beach Bodies @RADAR: M E T A V E R S


Check out our Seaside Sculpt Jam Aftermovie:

You can download our Unreal Beach Bodies Gallery by clicking here.


It’s RADAR time of the year, the yearly radiography of the Romanian new media art scene, 14-16 October in Bucharest, and we’re excited to announce our participation. 

This third edition, M E T A V E R S, deals with the concept of the avatar and its multifaceted nature. Which is perfect to showcase our last summer’s Seaside Sculpt Jam results. 

23 digital artists from Romania and Bulgaria stranded on a beach for 5 days, with laptops and graphic tablets. Instead of sunbathing all day long, they sculpted 3D digital models of their roommates.

We created an Unreal space for their static alter-egos where they can witness it all – sunsets and tides, dolphins jumping, pebbles wrestling with seashells, that guy and his octopus teacher, tetrapods getting out of the sea and evolving into surfers.

That you can explore, and bring your own interpretation to. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but so is perspective. Will their stories inspire you like a midsummer’s night dream? 

You won’t know until you pick up the controller and explore the 3D gallery. At CCI Palace Bucharest, 14th to 16th of October.

Gallery by: Andrei Rădoi (Tech Artist), Marius Petre (Character Artist), Dan Cocină (Art Director), Georgiana Toea (Community Builder) @ AMC Ro Studio

Trainers in Seaside Sculpt Jam: Daniel Merticariu, Marius Petre (of AMC), Nikolay Naydenov, Sofia Christov (ARC.Academy), Claudiu Tănasie

Participants and creators: Simona Tianova, Andra Pasăre, Alina Anca, Teodora Paraschiv, Antonio Cristea, Eduard Coroian, Viktor Georgiev, Ilinca Seda, Darena Georgieva, Delyan Nikolov, Beatrice Dumitrescu, Asya Atanasova, Andreea Vișan, Luiza Șimoca, Dragoș Timofte, Alexandru Bălan

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