AMC Ro Studio, in partnership with ARC Academy (Sofia, Bulgaria), and FAR – Future Artistic Requirements alongside UniCreditBank, invites all 3D Character artists who want to learn from industry professionals to Seaside Sculpt Jam, a five-day learning experience by the beach.

We will scout for the most promising new 3D Artists and help them walk that extra mile in their careers. Learning straight from industry professionals will give participants a deeper understanding of the industry-specific pipeline & workflow requirements, inspiring insights, and a skillset tailored for Zbrush-loving Character Artists.

We will work together by day and make campfires on the beach by night in Krapets, a quiet Bulgarian fisherman’s village, close to the Romanian border. At the end of the workshop, we believe you will have new & empowering tools to overcome the newcomer’s challenges. And an artwork that will be displayed in a collective exhibition at RADAR 2022.


During the Seaside Sculpt Jam, you’ll be mastering ZBrush for building busts. The end results will be high poly sculptures, based on the theme we’ve chosen.
The camp starts with an introductory day when each trainer will hold a one-hour class presenting one of their artworks. They’ll show a breakdown of the whole process, to give the students a taste of what the industry pipeline looks like. During the rest of the first day, the students will search for their concepts, within the camp’s theme.
Each of the following days will start with an Anatomy lesson, centered around portraiture. Afterward, each trainer will start a sculpt session, explaining the process as they do it.
The afternoon is dedicated to students’ work. They’ll develop their own projects, under the watchful eyes of the trainers, who will be ready to provide feedback and suggestions.


In order to participate, you must already be familiar with the gaming pipelines for Character creation. Moreover, you should have a portfolio showing you’re an artist about to bloom.

You aim to start your career in gaming as a 3D Character Artist, or you’ve already started working and need some extra help for faster progress.
We will select 15 participants based on their portfolios and letters of intent sent to by July 5.

We will announce the selected participants on July 7 by updating this page and also through direct contact (email).

After the selection, you will pay a fee to book your seat, covering your accommodation for 6 nights in Krapets (230 Euros).

The tuition and equipment are on the house!

Meet the trainers


Daniel Merticariu, Character Artist at AMC

I’m a 3D Character Artist, but I consider myself an artist in a somewhat wider sense. I read once about two British artists that started their road in the art world by studying sculpture. But when they finally went into a so-called “career” as artists, they began by doing photography, and yet they still called themselves sculptors.

I found their loose way of looking at themselves inspiring because it was so permissive while also rigorously attempting to enrich the meaning of the title given to them by their formal education. In the same, I hope, meaningful way, I like being permissive with what I understand being an artist means.

In these past years, I’ve been learning how I can add to the title of 3D Character Artist by also teaching and bringing others into this profession, which, for me, is a very fulfilling experience.aracter Artist at AMC

Claudiu Tănasie, Freelance Character Artist

I have been drawing since my childhood, but as I grew up I also started being interested in science, and I ended up going to an engineering university. It was there that I discovered 3d Studio Max, and that changed my life. It was a great way for me to combine my love for art and technology.

While creating a game is a complex process, for me one of the hardest but also most enjoyable parts is the creation of the characters that will populate its world. We, as humans, are infinitely complex through our gender, race, personality, and I thoroughly enjoy exploring this diversity.

Marius Petre, Character Artist at AMC

I’ve been working as a digital artist for about 7 years now. I started my journey at Funlabs where I became a generalist, doing stuff like Character sculpting in Zbrush, hard-surface in Maya, concept art, and level design in Unity, and Unreal. After this, I went freelance for 2 years, doing anything from product design to book illustrations. Now I’ve been at AMC for 3 years and still making waves.

Here I worked both in the Environment and Character departments, mastering Zbrush and Maya, specializing in the creation of AAA game assets. I also host a videocast +REP and play in Ambient Occlusion, AMC’s band.

Sofia Christov, ARC Academy

Sofia was born and raised in America and she loves art since a little child. She studied at AAU San Francisco (Academy of Arts University) and now she’s teaching human and animal anatomy at ARC Academy.

Nikolay Naydenov, ARC Academy

Born and raised in a small town in Bulgaria, he had an interest in art from a very young age. All his notebooks in school were filled with more drawings than school stuff.

His professional career started in Gameloft in 2007 as a 2D concept artist. He then realized he is better with shapes than colors, so he applied for a 3D artist position.

The 3D sculpture in our poster was made by Daniel Merticariu based on a drawing by Concept Artist Pavel Hristov.

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