Client: Grin & Sony Interactive Entertainment
Year: 2009
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, PS3, Xbox 360, mobile
Category: Third-Person Shooter
Project management tool: Microsoft Project, Perforce

The Brief

Create highly detailed digital realistic 3D reproductions of real-life actors from the new movie Terminator Salvation.

The Solution

Since Terminator universe was already a cinematic and gaming reference point, we had to go beyond documentation and on-set reference images. 

The first step was to understand what would happen in the new movie so that our characters fit perfectly into the atmosphere.

Secondly, we invested in thorough research to identify and reproduce the anatomical traits of the characters. Take Christian Bale. We studied and know by heart and by pixel every single feature of his anatomy. 

Effective communication and submitting to client intermediary asset stages is a fundamental key that we used extensively in this project.

The Epilogue

Creating highly detailed digital reproductions of actors from a movie represents realistic 3D character development at its finest. And robust communication with client is always essential, but in such a project it became central. 

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