Client: CD Projekt Red

Year: 2013

Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, PS4

Category: Open World, RPG, Action

Project management tool: Microsoft Project

The Brief

The Witcher universe is a major gaming reference with a distinct art style. Definitely a part of pop-culture, alongside giants like Star Wars or Lord Of the Rings.

We had to upgrade previously established assets using new technology and respect industry standards. Create new 3D assets within technical restrictions, while protecting the quality of art and its distinct style. Convert to PBR texturing. Simulate fabric realistically. 

The Solution

We leveraged the pre-production phase to gain an in-depth understanding of previous game instalments. One of the key aspects was to establish art style benchmarks for reference.

We upgraded hardware to match the requirements for polycount, texture sizes and source files.

Got up to speed with Physically Based Rendering workflow, and adapted our processes to be qualified for the client’s pipeline.

The Epilogue

Developing new assets for an already highly popular realistic 3D universe, whilst maintaining a distinct art style and adapting to new technology, represented a tremendous opportunity to up-skill the team. Efforts, skills and creativity were magic wands.

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