Year: 2018

Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4

Category: MMO, Vehicular Combat

Project management tool: Liquid Planner, Jira, Confluence, Trello

Himmelsdorf Cathedral

The Brief

Develop historically accurate vehicles – highres, lowres, UVs and bakes.

Develop buildings and props for World of Tanks’ graphical overhaul update applied to its entire map base.

Develop environment art for new maps using an upgraded engine pipeline.

Manage an extensive quantity of project information and strict technical constrains down to an exact polycount, requiring a substantial number of 3D artists with technical skills.

The Solution

We kicked off with R&D for environment look and feel, and worked closely with two of the client’s side art experts who joined our HQ.

Our 3D Tech Artists at AMC Lab were involved from the beginning for cross section review. 

We provided greyboxing design for most of the buildings on newer maps, and we created the majority of assets through an iterative process that ensured maximum quality. 

AMC Lab developed internal tools to optimise the artistic outcome, while fixing bugs, providing alternative and upgraded pipelines for different production phases.

Town Hall

The Epilogue

Top of range photo-realistic 3D art. Rigour was fundamental, both for the historical accuracy of assets, and technical requirements. Russian experts reviewed every element down to welding techniques and the type of nuts and bolts used for each tank. How about that?

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