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We Shape Worlds

We shape worlds. For other worlds shapers.

We provide digital art creation, content solutions and technical tools for the games industry.

What we don’t provide? Any empty promises. Such as ‘we are the greatest, the most, the…’. We just firmly promise that we don’t stop until there is no room for any ‘better’.

In simple words, we give our all. On every inch, on every pixel.

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From the blog:

AMC Big Band – Christmas Concert

AMC is a place of cheerful encounters. Most of the time, 3D art for games appears like magic from these sparks between the artists. But once a year, for a Christmas special, we can straight up give you the feeling that we’re a legit music choir. Vanessa Romașcanu, Ovidiu Bejan, Claudia Ursu, Sorin Verdeș and […]

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