Dead Space Remake

We were absolutely thrilled to be a part of Dead Space Remake! A truly legendary game that brought back early gaming memories for many on our Team.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

How to create new assets for an already highly popular realistic 3D universe, while maintaining a distinct art style and adapt to new technology? A wild hunt you think, and magic skills?


We were absolutely thrilled to partner with on their upcoming game, GORD. The single-player, adventure-strategy is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Gangstar New York

We were very excited to work with Gameloft on their upcoming game, Gangstar New York. Stay tuned for more!


Creating clothes, armor and accessories within a very specific style. We love a good challenge, and that’s exactly what Scavengers was.

World Of Tanks

Top of range photo-realistic 3D art. Rigour by all means. Both for historical accuracy of assets, and technical requirements. Russian speaking experts reviewed every element down to welding techniques and the type of nuts and bolts used for each tank.

Spider Man

Our Production Manager is, for us, the real superhero. Integrated art development with the strictest technical and deadline requirements at every single intermediate stage of an asset…that’s a mission.

Call Of Duty

A substantial call of duty by all means. Triangulating the highest quality integrated photo-realistic 3D art development, efficiency of production process, and needs of a complex client collaboration.


When you work as an extension of the client’s team and have a good tech challenge as you use your client’s tools…that’s how you learn first hand that meaning of ‘family’. Integrated photo-realistic 3D art development with a massive base of research on the spirit and atmosphere of the ’30s and late ‘60s.

Gear Club Unlimited 2

“Spot the difference” remains the nickname of our legendary team of artists that took on this photo-realistic 3D technical driving experience. Top-notch accuracy of vehicle details, and teamwork at its finest. While boosting our own engines to the maximum due to tight deadlines.

Terminator Salvation

Take Christian Bale. We studied and know by heart and by pixel every single feature of his anatomy. Because, creating highly detailed digital reproductions of actors from a movie, is realistic 3D character development at its finest.

Atlas Reactor

Achieving a specific cartoony art style with multiple texture skins for each asset has never been more provoking. A new art style is always a challenge to embrace.


Over ten years of ongoing collaboration. A feast of 3D art assets and evolving styles. Hundreds of characters, environment assets, weapons and props. Solid tech opportunities along the way due to evolving technology. Learning to navigate the subtleties and perks of a long term relationship.

Entropia Universe

How to shape an entire Universe, starting from one single layout and a few directional images. Full pipeline creation from concept art to in-engine integration.

Hidden Chronicles

Our own chronicle of the use of light and shadow in expressing believable stylized 2D environments. “How to create a coherent universe for each location” was the name of the game every day.


We shape worlds. For other world shapers.

We offer digital art creation (3D, 2D, and Concept Art), content solutions, and technical tools for the gaming industry. With 20+ years of experience, we’ve crafted characters, creatures, environments, level art, props, vehicles, and more for acclaimed titles.

At the core of our studio is a passionate and skilled Team of artists who dedicate their expertise to every texture and polygon. Our team’s adaptability to various art styles brings games to life, whether stylized or photorealistic.

No detail goes unnoticed, from majestic landscapes to intricate character features. Collaboration is also vital to our creative process. We foster an environment of open communication and idea sharing, ensuring seamless integration of our art with our partners’ overall vision.

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