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We Shape Worlds

We shape worlds. For other worlds shapers.

We provide digital art creation, content solutions and technical tools for the games industry.

What we don’t provide? Any empty promises. Such as ‘we are the greatest, the most, the…’. We just firmly promise that we don’t stop until there is no room for any ‘better’.

In simple words, we give our all. On every inch, on every pixel.

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I went to gamescom to find out Romanian indie game devs shine bright like diamonds

We’re all overwhelmed by the current state of events. Wildfires burn around the world.Attacks pop-up daily motivated by separatist beliefs. State leaders blame video games for their own mistakes. These were some hardcore topics passionately debated at the Romanian game devs beer drinking & schnitzel eating meeting in gamescom. This festival brought us together, 10 teams of […]

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