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3D Art at The 58th International Art Exhibition, la Biennale di Venezia 2019

Inaugurated in 1895 and still the most important event in the contemporary art world, the Venice Biennale hosts this year the works of 79 international artists and 89 national pavilions. We found there intriguing 3D artworks. Still on display until November 24.  “An exhibition should open people’s eyes to previously unconsidered ways of being in […]

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I went to gamescom to find out Romanian indie game devs shine bright like diamonds

We’re all overwhelmed by the current state of events. Wildfires burn around the world.Attacks pop-up daily motivated by separatist beliefs. State leaders blame video games for their own mistakes. These were some hardcore topics passionately debated at the Romanian game devs beer drinking & schnitzel eating meeting in gamescom. This festival brought us together, 10 teams of […]

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Making of my first photorealistic character

I am Ovidiu Bejan, 3D Character Artist at AMC RO Studio in Bucharest. I’ve started my adventure in the industry twelve years ago as an environment and vehicles artist. I switched to characters seven years ago. Before this exercise that I’ll proudly present to you, I made characters for MMO games. This is my first […]

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Maya, there’s something about your splash screen you need to know NOW

It’s the image of you that haunts me every day. My feelings have changed. Why aren’t you beautiful anymore?  I still remember the first time I opened Maya 8 in 2006 and saw the splash screen. That moment of awe, similar to the first time you see a gothic cathedral. It looked monumental. It intimidated […]

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We Shape Digital Art Education in Romania

During the past half a decade, AMC has become a pioneer in creating educational schemes aiming to shape the next generation of 3D digital artists. On top of all efforts is our willingness to shape the next world shapers in order to ensure the sustainability of a profession that evolves continuously through the blend of […]

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Be Epically Artist

We’ve joined forces with Amber for bringing inspiring people in front of our teams. It was only natural for inviting Daniel Dociu, Art Director at Amazon Game Studios, as the first speaker of this internal masterclass series.  Radu Vasile, Concept Artist in AMC Games, described this experience that he has long awaited for. A concept […]

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Animex Festival, education done right

Animex Festival in Middlesbrough reached its 20th year of bringing video games and animation professionals for epic meetings with the next generation. To many more! Howdy, folks! I’m Daniel Vijoi, Art Director at AMC Games and my story starts with the invitation we’ve received for doing a presentation at Animex Festival 2019, May 13 to […]

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AMC Ro Studio, a “Made in Romania” company, awarded by The Bucharest Stock Exchange

Starting with 2017, The Bucharest Stock Exchange organizes “Made in Romania”, a training program for the most promising Romanian businesses that also have a strong social impact. Their goal is to promote and also assist the entrepreneurs throughout a full year in bringing their businesses to the next level. This year, we’ve been selected as […]

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Marking menu wizard in Maya, made by AMC Lab

This script allows you to change the default contextual marking menu in Maya. Andrei Rădoi, Senior Environment Artist in AMC, created this script to enhance the efficiency of your modelling works and for customising your tools so as you can find it easily. Installation: Automatic (just for Windows) First, close Maya if it’s already open. […]

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The GDC Experience of an AMC Tech Artist

Andrei Dănescu, AMC Tech Artist, went to Game Developers Conference 2019. He’s back with industry stories filtered through his sense of curiosity and passions.  Reason for travel? GDC. What’s a GDC? Game Developers Conference, it’s an annual event where studios and developers gather to share … Approved. Next in line! The US Visa officer is […]

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Shaping An Earth-like Planet in Substance Designer

Hello, I am Robert Tudor, Environment Artist in AMC. I’ll show you a fun exercise I did using Substance Designer, the creation of an earth-like planet. This is simply a way of doing it, I am not a planet builder expert, more of a fan.

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