You shape worlds. We shape your future. 

AMC is a space for courage, learning, conversations, connection. In which integrity, passion, perspective and possibilities are the primary currency. A space for contribution. A genuine contribution to the big World. Through contribution to every small world we touch.

If you are looking for a “job” only, move on and look further. Because here you’ll not find a job. You’ll find your future. 

Available openings

Head of Lab

Your vision is to achieve stellar quality  & progress in digital art for games. Your mantra is “screw the status-quo”. Your team’s tech solutions become a robust influential factor at the industry level. You’ll pioneer tools – both internally, and externally- and keep the workflows in line with the cutting edge technologies. You have somewhere […]

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Environment and Character Artists

You are a bright and positive, high-energy individual, with genuine passion for digital art & video games. Integrity, honesty and generally solid work ethics are not negotiable. And you are simply… nice! You have somewhere a badge that reads “Collaboration is king”, and that’s because you really believe in the power of teamwork Your responsibilities […]

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Environment and Character Lead Artists

You are the Yoda type of influencer, with legendary wisdom, and master of the 3D Force. “Do or do not. There is no try.”, “The greatest teacher, failure is.” and “Pass on what you have learned.” are the mantras of your team. Tangibles you have in your garden:7+ years in Digital Art industry with proven track […]

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Technical Artist

Your mission is to improve our team’s ability to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort. You’ll pioneer tools – both internally, and externally.

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