We know education is the engine that fuels the growth of any society. We believe in growing, caring and sharing. We help aspiring digital artists grow, we make sure to care for their needs and we share our experience with our community. We are part of many educational programs and initiatives.

Our partners are Unis, High-schools, NGOs, official institutions, individual people, teams, other companies. We love to create a “blue ocean’ eco-environment, where the communities thrive with each other’s help. Where we shape each other to be great.

West University of Timisoara - The Faculty of Arts and Design

Game Art Master | 2023 - ongoing

Romania’s first Game Art Master’s program started this fall and we’re happy to be a part of their consulting team and to assist the students in their development.

CINETic - The International Center for Research and Education in Innovative Creative Technologies in Bucharest.

3D Art for Games | 2019-ongoing

Take a look at our students’ first-ever 3D modelling endeavours, they rock! A huge thank you to our trainers, Lead Artists Daniel Merticariu, Madalina Pomparau, Valeriu Carmaliga, Senior Artists Rares Ioan Tujan, Andrei Bradu and Dragos Casian and Character Artist Vanessa Romascanu!

Our course is part of the Game Design Master’s degree at CINETic.

Politehnica University of Bucharest

3D Modeling for Games | 2021-2023

Our lovely students were taken on their 3D journey by trainers Daniel Vijoi, Lead Environment Artist, and Robert Tudor, Environment Artist. Our course is a part of the “Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Virtual Reality” Master’s degree at Poli.

UNArte – National University of Arts

3D Digital Creation Techniques | 2018-2021

Our partnership with UNArte started in 2018, and many of our AMC Artists travelled the path of 3D mentors. Senior Artists Dragos Casian and Rares Ioan Tujan and Environment Artist Robert Tudor put their teacher’s hats on and guided the eager students.

AMC Studio x UNArte Zbrush summer crash course

Two of our AMC trainers, Character Artists Daniel Merticariu and Marius Petre, teamed up with 50+ UNArte students to explore Dante’s Inferno in 3D (concept, sculpt, render).

See the results here:

Nicolae Tonitza Fine Arts Highschool

3D Art workshops | 2019

In 2017, we began a series of 3D art seminars/workshops with the Nicolae Tonitza Fine Arts Highschool. The classes were full, everyone was excited and some students even came and visited us at the office!

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