Events & Projects

Our events & projects are a great way to meet people from the industry. To shape communities. To learn new things, to get inspired for the future. We love sharing our knowledge and experience with our peers, buildings new connections and nurturing old ones. 

That’s why you’ll see we are engaged in a lot of projects and events. Because our mission is to build and grow the next generation of digital artists. Our slogan, “we shape worlds”, is our guiding motto.


This year at RADAR, we'll be showcasing our Beach Bodies gallery in Unreal. Featuring the works of 23 digital artists from Romania and Bulgaria. Who were stranded on a beach for 5 days, learning 3D sculpting from industry professionals.

Masterclas: How to Build a Career in CGI (Animation & Gaming)

We teamed up with ARC Academy and CINETic to bring you a masterclass full of industry tips & tricks. Read more and register!

Real Books for Real Worlds

We collect real books for kids (age 6 to 14) that need them most! Because knowledge is freedom, and freedom is power. More info coming soon!

Seaside Sculpt Jam

Join us on a 5-day 3D sculpting session from the 18th to the 22nd of July, in Krapets, Bulgaria. Learn from industry professionals and your sculpt will be displayed at the RADAR festival.

Clujotronic Electro Arts

We participated in the absolutely mesmerizing Clujotronic Game Jam, part of the Clujotronic Electro Arts festival. And filmed a podcast episode.

FAR Talks II

Our Community Builder, Georgiana Toea, joined FAR for their second discussion panel about New Media Art in Romanian society.

RADAR | Flux

We went to RADAR, the new media art festival, to display our 3D Art Gallery, see incredible new media art exhibits and meet great people.

XDS Adapt | 2021

We attended XDS online and prepared a fun (and musical) surprise for everyone. 😉

Dev.Play | 2020

This year, we attended Dev.Play with three main events: a Substance Painter Showcase, a Women in Games workshop and a special release.

XDS 2020

The External Development Summit was held online this year, and it was still awesome! We got to talk about our partnerships and work on our 3D Booth.

Bucharest Global Game Jam

The theme this year was "Repair", and that's how Junkyard JunkBOT appeared. Read more to find out about our scrappy little robot. 😉

RADAR 2019

RADAR celebrated its first edition with an immersive playground full of artworks, leisure and learning opportunities. It also gave us a chance to bring Caranthir to VR.

Dev.Play | 2019

3D tips & tricks from our artists, a Women in Games panel and an interactive installation. Dev.Play was definitely a lot of fun this year.

Romanian Design Week | 2019

This was our opportunity to organise and showcase our first exhibition on video games! We designed the stage and made real objects of our digital art.

Gamescom | 2019

Thank you Gamescom, for giving us the opportunity to meet the Romanian game changers and local gamedev pioneers.

Animex | 2019

Environment Artist Daniel Vijoi flew to Middlesbrough, UK, to meet with our good friends from Teesside University and share some industry tips & tricks with the students.

GDC | 2019

Meeting new and old friends and getting up to speed with game-changing industry news and. We left GDC feeling super inspired and excited for the future of gamedev.

Dev.Play | 2018

We announced the winners for our Mythology Art Challenge and we took part in a Women in Games Panel. What an exciting edition of Dev.Play!

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