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About us

We are a leading 3D art and design studio. We create digital content for the video game industry. 

We have been involved with some great projects, including The Witcher 3 (CD Projekt Red), World of Tanks (Wargaming), Call of Duty (Activision), and Marvel’s Spider-Man (Sony). 

And many other projects in progress. But most importantly, we are a team of passionate people. We shape worlds. We build communities. And have fun together. 

Our Vision

To be the best choice as digital world shaper through art development & innovation for the major gaming industry players worldwide.

Our Mission

Enabling our partners to realize their vision through creative visual development and 3D design.

Creating digital content & innovation tools for the game development industry and professionals.

Contributing to a better world and have a positive impact on society.

Making Romanian world shapers shine in the industry.

Our Values


We focus on progress and high performance. Constantly growing and reaching new heights are our drives.

Responsibility & Autonomy

We practice self-discipline and are responsible for our work. We own our performance and don’t need to be guided every step of the way.


We challenge prevailing assumptions and thrive on change. For us, taking initiative and making things better is the norm.

Positive & kind

We always aim for the greater good. We share knowledge, give personal support and respect. Feedback is always valued.

Social Contribution

We are valued contributors to the community & society. We enjoy giving back and shaping the future generations of 3D artists.​

The Management Team

We are your crew of digital art creators. Game designers. Community builders.

Artistic excellence advocators. Technical challenge lovers. Content solution seekers. Process improvers. Relationship cherishers. Young digital artist mentors.

Cristina Alina Neamtu

Cristina dreams of a better world and when she wakes up in the morning she starts shaping it. A firm believer in the power of education through arts and games. She loves people, community projects, and her bowl of crunchy apples on her desk. Always in this order.

Dan Cocina

Dan is a sound graduate scenographer, self-made prime digital artist, and a daring chef. (At least in his kitchen!) Got into gaming by chance 20 years ago. Now he’s setting the stage, and the standards of excellence, for the next generation of 3D artists.

Vlad Alexandru

“I’ve always been successful in everything I did.” This being his USP, a genuine love for video gaming and his kindness, we invited Vlad onboard to sell our services even to game devs on Mars. Is there anybody out there?

Laura Aldica

Laura keeps a tight grip on the structural pillars of any project. Connects the seen and mostly the unseen dots. Nothing escapes her vigilance. She nurtures client relationships and nails clarity in communication. Always in a quest to evolve. Always positive.

Alexandru Chinschi

Alex is your organisational fanatic, kept alive by a good challenge and fuelled by getting things done. In time. And at the best possible best. “Are we there yet, guys?”

Andrei Bradu

Andrei is our Lead Artist born in the astrological sign of painting, with ascendent in tennis. And when he’s having a break from mastering everything, he’s shaping new imagined characters, on the 3D printer on his desk.

Andrei Danescu

Andrei shapes 3D environments and props. And sometimes convinces the computer to do it for him. He loves games, keeps fresh with the latest movie in town, and is always up for a hike. But mostly, enjoys learning new ways to make machines do his bidding.

Georgiana Toea

Geo lives and breaths arts. She creates, curates, manages, shapes and reshapes everything needed to boost our engagement. Offline, and online. In her spare time, she crafts plans to save the world, and plays with coding.

Mihaela Micu

In our world of geeks and artists, there couldn’t be a better person to welcome you. Mihaela, she’s our powerhouse of anything-we-can’t-ever-put-in-one-sentence. Meetings, parties, cookies, printers, phone calls, last minute admin crises. Peace maker, nature protector, raw vegan food endorser, and coffee lover.

You shape worlds.
We shape your future.

AMC is a space for courage, learning, conversations, connection. In which integrity, passion, perspective and possibilities are the primary currency. A space for contribution. A genuine contribution to the big World. Through contribution to every small world we touch.

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