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If you’re an aspiring 3D Artist and want to level up your game, then our remote mentorship program is for you. For 2 months, you and your AMC mentor will work on enhancing your skills and abilities via our dedicated Discord channel. And speaking of Discord, you’ll have full access to our online community of artists.
You’ll be working on a next gen asset that could upgrade your portfolio.

Mentee: Andrei Galatanu. Mentor: Georgiana Beligan. Concept Art: Edward Barons

What we expect you to bring to the table:
  • Passion for our craft. And patience. Learning 3D takes time and can be frustrating, so strong motivation is imperative.
  • Time available, a minimum of 5 hours a day, 5 days a week are expected. This is your time alone. The time available with your mentor is 3 hours a week, 24 hours for the whole duration of the mentorship. Make the best out of it.
  • Knowledge of art fundamentals (such as Color, Composition, Value, Form, and Anatomy – for Character artists), ability to accurately judge size, ratios, and volume from reference (photo or concept), a good understanding of the “mechanics” of real-world materials and the capacity to recreate them digitally
  • Knowledge of industry-standard software packages such as Maya/3DS Max/Blender, ZBrush, Photoshop, and the Substance suite
  • A mindset excited by challenges and curiosity to learn new technologies and ways to do things better or faster
What you’ll get:
  • Access to a 3D art industry professional’s expertise and to AMC Community
  • Insights from a work environment of co-development in gaming
  • You will learn how to follow artistic direction and take into account the technical constraints when creating art content for games
  • A deeper understanding of how things work in real life and a sense of realism in both motion and construction
  • Experience in working efficiently and being aware of workflows and in-game performance constraints
  • A next gen asset of high complexity that will upgrade your portfolio
  • Autonomy for creating the next one
How to get in:

First and foremost, think some more after reading all the above. Is this for you? Do you have time now to invest in your development? If the answer to both of these questions is affirmative, then send your portfolio and letter of intent to

If your application tells us that you’re the one and the moment feels right for you, you’ll be invited to an interview and if we click, then we will start working together on your development plan alongside your mentor. 

Admission fee: 250 EUR (you can pay in two installments)

This fee is your investment in AMC’s Community Program. Its mission is to shape the next generation of digital artists in Romania by creating various opportunities using AMC’s resources and/or in partnerships:

We’re now in this together!

Please note, due to a high volume of applicants, we are not able to reply individually. We’re trying to change that, but until then, you will receive a reply only if considered for a position. And at the current moment, we’re only accepting applications from within Romania.

Thank you and see you soon!

Some of our Mentorship results:

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