Find out about our Mentorship opportunities

If you’re an aspiring 3D Artist and want to expand your horizons, then our remote mentorship program is for you. For 2 months, you and your mentor will work on enhancing your skills and abilities via our dedicated Discord channels.

And speaking of Discord, you’ll have full access to our online community of artists. Feel free to discuss and ask for feedback! And after these 2 months, there’ll be an opportunity to continue with a paid internship.

Drop us a message at

Please note, due to a high volume of applicants, we are not able to reply individually. We’re trying to change that, but until then, you will receive a reply only if considered for a position. Thank you and see you soon! 

Some of our Mentorship stories:

Alina Gheorghe discovered 3D in our CINETic course. After 2 months mentored by Environment Artist Mădălina Gheorghe, she finished her mentorship asset. Romania’s iconic car, the Dacia!

Junior Character Artist Andrei Dincă was our mentee, then our intern and now? Our Team member. This was his mentorship result, guided by Character Artist Mădălina Pomparău.

Junior Environment Artist Vicenţiu Popescu also joined us after being a mentee and intern. This was the result of his 2-months’ hard work with Lead Environment Artist, Daniel Vijoi.

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