Art Challenges

Through our art challenges, we scout for new talents and help them walk that extra mile in their career paths.

Most of the time, the winners of our contests embark, alongside us, on a journey of professional development that includes mentorships/internships/community access to our Discord channel for sharing knowledge.

A challenge’s theme empowers the artists by giving them a voice. The output of such contests is always an edutainment product, like digital art galleries, and collections of inspiring stories.

Forever Heroes Challenge

Create a digital statue of your favorite hero & you can win a full scholarship for our Seaside Sculpt Jam (July 18th – 22nd, Krapets, bg)

AMC Art Hunt Challenge

Take your favorite IRL art piece and make it last forever as a 3D digital model!

Romanian Mythology Challenge

Design a character or an environment inspired from Romanian mythology and give us something to dream about.

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