AMC Art Hunt challenge

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Best experienced in Google Chrome

Navigation: WASD keys for movement + Mouse to look around

Run: While moving keep Shift key pressed

Interaction: Walk up to an exhibit and when the artwork lights up, press E to view details. When you want to return to the main gallery, press E again.

AMC Website: Q key. You will have to refresh the page to return to the gallery.

Exit Fullscreen: Escape

The VR App

AMC Art Hunt Challenge

Take your fav IRL art piece and make it last forever as a 3D digital model!

Send it to and if it proves great 3D artistry, you’re in for the win!

  • Top gear and software for the top 3 submissions
  • 10 mentorships for locally based artists
  • 20 places in the 3D web gallery on (launch: November 4th) plus 20 access codes to 80 Level RFP, video game industry’s premium job-matching service connecting top-tier creative talent with hiring companies.


Deadline: October 20.20

Sponsors: Asus, Wacom, Adobe, 80 Level RFP
Partners: MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest, Romanian Design Week, DevPlay, UNArte – National University of Arts Bucharest

This is an international contest so we welcome artists and artworks from all around the world.




We’re AMC Studio, a Romanian company that offers digital art creation services for video games. Click here to see our work.

A mission that’s driving our entire team is strengthening the local 3D community with educational programs and also addressing the international peers helpful things we’ve learned by the years.

As this year we’ve all been in need to explore more than we’ve actually been able to, we invite you on a journey of discovering the art world and its vast possibilities of reinventing itself. Capturing its forms, shapes, materials, textures, feel, story in a 3D digital model, this is our challenge to the international community of 3D artists.

Get out there, explore art, make a 3D model of it, and make it accessible through time & space to all public.

Get personally involved, find the original artist, have a dialogue.
Take this contest as a reverence to sculptures, installations, all that is material and gets vandalised by pigeons and revolts, old by time and weather, objects of contemplation in museums and galleries.

It’s an interdisciplinary dialogue, exchange of practice, a bridge between generations of artists.

We gather under the same digital “roof” 3D models based on existing artworks and make them accessible through time & space to all public.

This initiative doesn’t involve any financial outcome, but it’s a recognition of 3D artistry and its solid bond to traditional art.




1. What’s in it for me?

International recognition as a Fine Arts Connoisseur and 3D Know-it-all… oh, and the following prizes:

  • 1st Prize: 1 laptop Asus ROG Strix G15, 1 Wacom Intuos Pro L graphic tablet, 1 3D printed model of your artwork, 1 Adobe Creative Cloud 1 year license, 1 Topogun 2 (+ upgrade to 3) license
  • 2nd Prize: 1 Wacom Intuos Pro L graphic tablet, 1 3D printed model of your artwork, 1 Topogun 2 (+ upgrade to 3) license
  • 3rd Prize: 1 Wacom Intuos Pro M, North graphic tablet, 1 3D printed model of your artwork, 1 Topogun 2 (+ upgrade to 3) license
  • 20 places in the 3D gallery hosted on going live on November 4
  • 20 access codes to 80 Level RFP, video game industry’s premium job-matching service connecting top-tier creative talent with hiring companies.
  • 10 mentorships for locally based artists in the AMC mentorship program, that’s 2 months access to the entire AMC artists team starting November 16th.


2. Is 3Dfying somebody’s artwork legal?

Be sure to check the rules and regulations in your country and do the right thing. As per Marius’s case in Romania (see video below), we’ve been allowed by MNAC to 3Dfy the artwork, no papers needed between us and the museum that holds the rights of this purchased artwork, but nonetheless we contacted the original author and also made a new friend in the process.

3. What are the deliverables?

A 3D model with unique UVs exported as fbx and obj. Maximum 50k triangles, but please use your best judgement in regards to current-gen game art geometry density. (More is not better!)

One 4096×4096 png texture set (PBR metal rough): Albedo, Normal, Metal, Roughness, AO (emissive or opacity if necessary). Also a set of maps using the Unity standard channel packing (for integration in the digital gallery).

At least one beauty shot of the rendered asset. (minimum 1920 x 1080px image resolution)

Presentation sheets showing the front / back / side views, a wireframe and texture views of the model. (minimum 1920 x 1080px image resolution)
A folder with work in progress screenshots with various production stages of your asset.

Information about the original artwork which you based your own art on. (name, author, location, an image, a max 500 characters text of your story with the artwork)

4. What’s the best practice?

Find and shape an artwork that puts your strengths as a 3D artist to some challenges, such as:

Find out the context in which the oeuvre was made, think, read, gather information about it.

Get to work and shape it as best you can. Don’t be shy about changing or exaggerating various details / proportions / materials if it suits your vision of the asset.

If you can find the artist, send him / her your work. We bet they’d enjoy this.
Post a work in progress set of screenshots for each stage of production (highres, lowres, uvs, texture) on the Discord channel for AAHC (In case you don’t have an account, get one! It’s free, easy to setup and will allow you to interact with other participants, making the whole process even more fun!).

5. Can I submit more than one artwork?

Yes, you can.

6. Can I win multiple prizes?

No, you cannot. You get one chance with your best artwork.

7. Can I use any old work which suits the challenge theme?

No, all entries must be newly created specifically for the purpose of this challenge.

8. Can a team of artists participate with one entry?

No. This challenge applies to individual artists.

9. Can’t I just 3D scan the original artwork and submit it?

Photogrammetry can be useful in the process, but we strongly encourage adding your own thing when digitising the artwork.

The Jury consists of: Dan Cocină (Head of Art), Dragoș Casian (Environment Art Lead), Marius Petre (3D Artist, the 1st challenged to AAHC), Georgiana Toea (Community Builder at AMC, producer of AAHC), Tudor Făt (Freelance digital sculptor).

The winners will be announced on November 4th at DevPlay Conference through an online event also revealing the 3D web gallery with the best 20 artworks.

Special thanks to: Darie Dup (sculptor, original author) for believing in us and truly being an inspiration, Sergiu Mihăescu for putting out the video story exactly as it felt for real, MNAC’s staff that made the museum feel so homey (Adriana Oprea, Ioana Călinescu, Sandra Demetrescu, Antigona Rogozea, Valentin Dudău Alexandru), Tremour and Irina Creangă for the music, Claudia Ursu for and Milena Muranyi