Meet our brave interns, Rares and Edi

“You have one hour to discover the other intern, doodle his portrait and come back with something very specific that could tell the whole world who this person in front of you is.” – not the usual task you’d expect to receive in your first days of internship in a 3D art studio. Let’s go!

Rares about Edi

Edi portrayed by Rares

Eduard is a self-taught 3D artist from Vulcan, Hunedoara, a former coal mine exploitation region in Romania. The place is a mix of old gigantic structures specific to mining sites and an abundance of nature sports to visit, from forested mountains to waterfalls.

Large mosaic wall with mining theme. the 70s. Vulcan Artists: Elena Bianu, Iosif Tellmann (c) BACU

He just finished high school last year and he thought that, in his case, a college degree is not necessary to become a 3D artist, thinking that there are a lot of materials online that can help you make an entry into the industry of 3D arts.

Taking this into account, plus the fact that he is at a really young age and he can try a lot of different routes, he decided to embark on a new adventure with AMC Studio to see where it could lead him. His story with AMC started two years ago after winning a ZBrush sculpting contest organised by the studio:

He is most passionate about sculpture and his favorite artist is Stanislaw Szukalski.

He is more attracted to the vintage genre or old games that can bring him nostalgia from his childhood. His favorite game from that time is Jet Set Radio.

He also appreciates most styles, whether it’s stylized or realistic. He prefers the more “grounded”, but at the same time, dreamy, sometimes abstract approach.

His favorite colors are green and purple. He has an affinity for clothes design and Jamaican culture, hence his, what most people would say, out-of-the-ordinary hairstyle.

He likes to knit from time to time and if there is one thing that, hypothetically, he would do instead of 3D, it would be video editing.

Ultimately, his final goal would be to make a living based on his creations, fully designed and created by him. Also, the idea of making his own game together with maybe one person or two doesn’t sound too bad.

Edi about Rares

Rares portrayed by Edi

Rares is a very open minded, calm and non-judgemental person. A self-taught 3D artist originally from Focsani, a famous wine-making region from Romania. He is 24 years old and he graduated from a Computer Science university in Bristol.

Banksy in Bristol

Since high school he knew he wanted to work in the video game industry. Though he didn’t know exactly what branch of this industry he wanted to dive into, he decided to pursue computer science since he did lots of math in high school, thinking that he’ll become a gameplay programmer. Ain’t life funny? He’s an artist now. 

Rares was introduced to the video game world by his dad. He remembers being little and seeing his dad play Max Payne and naturally from a small age he started to play the same video games. 

Some of his favourite games are: God of War and The Last of Us. His favorite art style is the realistic one.

In his last year of university, he was introduced to 3D software during a “CGI” course and that was the moment he knew he wanted to pursue this career. After finishing university he took a year off, worked on his portfolio and now he is an intern at AMC in the Environment department.

His biggest goal is to get really good at 3D art and work alongside the best in the industry and have a part in creating art for big games. 

In his free time, he watches movies and he is also passionate about photography. He’s really into rock & indie music. 

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