A dive into 2D & 3D Art for Games

We kick off the academic year a little early with a crash course into Art for Games, to make the students aware of all the possibilities a visual artist can explore in the video game industry. From Concept to 3D, you’ll get to meet practitioners of both disciplines and find out practical tips about self development.

Flavia Ghita is a Character Artist, a patient and kind mentor for the newbies under her wing at AMC. She’ll be covering the Characters side of the game, not talking about workflows that much this time, but eye candies only. Her future students at CINETic will have a full semester of discovering the hardships of 3D Character creation workflow. 

Dan Cocina is an Art Director at AMC with 20+ years experience in art for games. He was formally trained as a scenographer some decades ago and his speeches about how to make sense in art feel like TED talks. You’ve been warned!

Georgiana Toea is the educational programs developer at AMC, having an intense experience alongside the company in shapeshifting our resources to help others fulfill their potential. She’ll bring practical advice of self help to the table, for artists wanting to specialize in 3D art for games. 

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