World Art Day 2023

Happy World Art Day! Today we’re all about celebrating art in its many, many forms. Paintings, traditional or digital, movies, music, architecture and much more. 

So we gathered a few works of art we wanted to share with you. Some are favorite artworks, others are personal creations.

Iolanda Aioanei, Junior Environment Artist

Sansa’s outfit – Michele Carragher

After I postponed watching the very popular and well-known TV show Game of Thrones for approximately 10 years, I finally gave in, binged it and I can say I have no regrets. Through it I discovered the mind-blowing embroidery works of Michele Carragher, which deserve to be admired in all their splendor and can be seen in close-ups on her website.

The outfit that was most heavily glued to my mind is Sansa’s, from the end of the show, when she is crowned. Absorbing even the tiniest details, I feel overcome with a reverence for the art of garments, the identity it can express and the incredible artistic abilities of a dressmaker to transpose a design or an idea into reality.

Daniel Vijoi, Lead Environment Artist

Kitty – personal work

This is one of my own artworks, an oil on canvas with our beloved Persian cat whom we’ve had for 15 years.

See more of Daniel’s work on Artstation.

Dan Cocina, Art Director

Impression, Soleil Levant – Claude Monet

The emotion of the artist felt in front of the subject is the creative emotion, the generator of the act of creation, but also its combustion. It will transcend the artistic act and its result will find an echo in the emotion sprung from the act of contemplation.

Without these feelings, an artwork will only evoke a sum of information which, positioned based on some algorithm or another, might generate, after a string of logical processes, only conditional reflexes from the viewer.

Ioana Goldan, Character Artist

Personal work

As an artist continually exploring the boundaries of visual expression, I found myself captivated by the intricate dance of light and shadow. My latest creation, a traditional drawing of a bird in closeup, represents not only the culmination of my recent foray into the world of highlights technique but also the discovery of an unexpected muse: the delicate beauty of bird feathers.

As I honed my skills with the highlights technique, I sought out the perfect subject that would allow me to truly capture the essence of this method. After much contemplation, I stumbled upon the realization that bird feathers, with their myriad of textures and iridescent splendor, provided the ideal canvas for my endeavors.

Drawing inspiration from the resplendent plumage of my avian muse, I meticulously rendered each individual feather, capturing the subtle nuances of their natural design. The interplay of light and shadow across the feathers surface is a testament to the power of the highlights technique, which imbues the piece with a lifelike depth and dimensionality.

To further accentuate the intricate details of the feathers and elevate the piece to new heights, I incorporated gold effects as a contrasting element. This bold choice imbues the artwork with a sense of opulence and otherworldly elegance, alluding to the transcendent beauty of nature itself. The glistening gold not only adds a touch of luxury to the composition but also serves as a visual metaphor for the transformative power of art.

Through the marriage of the highlights technique and my newfound fascination of bird feathers I have created a piece that transcends the boundaries of traditional visual arts. This drawing is more than a mere representation of a bird, it is a testament to the endless possibilities that arise when we open ourselves to the world around us and embrace the beauty in the seemingly mundane. In this work, I invite viewers to share in my awe and appreciation for the wonders of the natural world and the boundless potential of artistic expression.

Isabela Macovei, Junior Environment Artist

The Roses of Heliogabalus – Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

A painting from 1888 got my attention, made by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, oil on canvas. It’s called “The Roses of Heliogabalus.”

The painting depicts a banquet hosted by the Roman Emperor Elagabalus who buried his guests in rose petals, which symbolizes excess and decadence. I very much appreciate this artwork because the chroma and the composition are very harmonious, despite the more somber symbolism. Moreover, it’s a painting I saved with the purpose of studying its light and shadow values and chroma, hoping to learn more from my analysis and to be able to incorporate elements that I like in my art too, be it 3D or 2D.

Florian Ristea, Character Artist

Ellie fan art – personal work

My favorite game is The Last of Us, so I’ve decided to create a fan art of one of the main characters in game: Ellie. I’ve played this game so much in the last years and I promised to myself that one day when I’ll have the skills, I’ll make my own version of Ellie.

Working on my favorite character was a joy ride from start to finish, and for the ride to be bumpier, I’ve decided to make her in the VFX pipeline to have crispier details and to learn something new, because at work I’m using a different pipeline – for gaming. Cheers!

See more of Florian’s work on Artstation.

Claudia Ursu, Content Creator

Voluspá – Wardruna

Music is a very big part of my life, especially vocals. As a singer myself, I tend to subconsciously listen to every technique in the music of other singers. Wardruna is a band I love a lot and have thankfully also seen live (it was awesome), but this particular song hits different.

Voluspá (close translation: “the prophecy of the seeress”) is one of the most famous poems from the Poetic Edda, a collection of Old Norse narrative poems. In a very tl;dr version, it’s indicative of the Old Norse views that everything is a cycle, that when something ends, something else begins. It mentions Ragnarök, but that is not the end of times, as some tend to think. After Ragnarök comes a new world, born from the ashes of the old.

This song from Wardruna is one the singer, Einar Selvik, wrote for the TV show Vikings. Although I had studied a very little bit of the Poetic Edda in university, I didn’t understand any of the words in the song or their meaning. But I didn’t have to. I understand everything Einar wants to evoke through his song. Because his voice is so, so full of emotion, it’s almost overwhelming. It’s just his voice and a Kravik lyre (I think that’s the one), and yet it’s so otherworldly, so mesmerizing, so emotional.

For me, this song in particular morphs into something I feel very strongly, yet can’t quite put in words. And I hope it will do the same for you.

Alexandru Croitoru, Environment Artist

František Palacký Monument – Stanislav Sucharda

This year I had the opportunity to visit Prague where, among the multitude of tourist attractions, I discovered the František Palacký monument.

The author of the monument is Stanislav Sucharda, and it is dedicated to František Palacký (1798-1876), writer, politician and historian.

What attracted me most was the contrast, on a physical, material level, but also on an ideological one. The geometrical exactitude of the stone blocks, which elegantly combine curved lines with straight ones, complement the vibration of the angelic and human figures that dance around the monument.

On a sentimental level, for me, it represents a portrayal of an internal conflict, the verve and agitation of thoughts, ideas and personal desires quelled by the numerous daily constraints.

AMC Art Hunt Challenge Gallery

As a culmination of favorite art AND personal work, we’re closing this blog post with our 3D gallery. It came to exist through our Art Hunt Challenge, in which participants chose their favorite piece of art and transformed it into a 3D model.

Afterwards, we created a gallery in Unity in which visitors can explore the various 3D artworks, and read more about them and about why each was chosen by its 3D creator. 

Made by 3D Artists Andrei Danescu, Marius Petre and Dragos Casian.

We invite you to explore the gallery below and immerse yourself in art.

Happy World Art Day!