Autumn Concept Art School Results

After over 10 years of mentoring artists in the secrets of 3D art for games, this year we launched several educational initiatives aimed at preparing young individuals for the profession of Concept Artist.

The first initiative was a summer practice designed for Romanian students, followed by an autumn school that went by the same three-week format of daily meetings under the guidance of our 2D Art Director, Dan Cocina.

Below is a selection of results.

Vasile-Alexandru Puchianu
Zsigmond Lehel
Adina Rosca
Carina Tarta
Bogdan Badaluta
Anca Buruiana
Andrei Oltean
Iulian Moldovan
Daniel Bucur
Ioana Comoragiu
Andrei Poitelea

Stay tuned, another school plan is in the making!