Concept Art Practice Results

The foundation for a good 3D artwork is a high quality concept, so here at AMC, our main allies are the concept artists.

This summer, we launched a short-term Concept Art school for students with Dan Cocina, our 2D Art Director. As the gaming industry in Romania is not really supported by our local schools, we have an everlasting mission to empower the community of aspiring artists with trainings.

We scouted for talent in Romanian universities and selected students for a 3-week summer practice. Under Dan’s artistic direction, our trainees had to create an environment and a character. A medieval house and shop (library, antiques, general store), its owner, and even a second character, a customer, who happens to be a hunter, from a land far far away.

Here are their fantastic results made in a few of days of working together.

Alexandru Marasescu
Laura Rotaru
Gabriel Stratulat
Diana Alexandra Burcea
Tatiana-Alexandra Chira
Daria Alexandrescu
Bianca Elena Banu
Alexandru Ghitescu
Daniel Vraciu
Alexandru Miron
Ana-Maria Giosan
Andreea Florescu
Elena Alexandra Anton
Ricarda Radu
Valentina Nastase