Client: Eden Games

Year: 2018

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Category: Racing

Project management tool: Liquid Planner

The Brief

Create accurate 3D photo-realistic sport car replicas, each with interior, exterior, engine parts and several models of rims. 

The Solution

Quality time spent in the preproduction phase was key to this particular technical project. Gathering sound references for each vehicle before starting work, and detailed documentation, secured half of the success. 

The other half was secured by a strong collaboration and workflow within the team, that protected the synergies in the pipeline.

The Epilogue

A solid track record for our team of artists that took on this photo-realistic 3D technical driving challenge. They pushed their technical skills to new limits. Top-notch accuracy of vehicle details and teamwork at its finest. While boosting our own engines to the maximum due to tight deadlines. 

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